Walker won’t govern for all citizens -- Dick Tschanz

December 31, 2016 GMT

Our illustrious Gov. Scott Walker has now announced to the world that he would like to govern for all Wisconsinites, not just those that support him.

Does this mean he will no longer punish and abolish those who support the ideals of the now-dismantled Government Accountability Board, such as clean and transparent government, ethics oversight and honesty? Does this mean he will responsibly govern all those Wisconsinites that could not attend his statewide listening sessions because of the invite-only policy?

Does this mean Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Wisconsin Club for Growth, Sheldon Adelson and all the other 1 percenters will continue to receive all the huge tax breaks and not have to supply Walker’s campaign with their influence and millions of dollars. Does governing all Wisconsinites mean throwing the American Legislative Exchange Council play book out the window?

Walker has been governor for more than six years and has polarized and divided citizens. Why would we think he will now be a governor to all Wisconsinites?

Dick Tschanz, Monroe