US Congress delegation in Kosovo to show bipartisan support

February 18, 2017 GMT

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — A bipartisan delegation from the U.S. House of Representatives is visiting Kosovo to reiterate the strong support for the nation.

In its two-day visit, the delegation led by Republican Peter Roskam will meet Kosovo’s prime minister, Assembly (parliament) speaker, lawmakers and civil society. Roskam heads the House Democracy Partnership, which works to support the development of effective, independent, and responsive legislative institutions.

A statement Saturday from the U.S. embassy said that the “United States is committed to helping Kosovo move along the path to further European integration.”

Washington, Kosovo’s strongest ally, led NATO’s 1999 air war against Serbia to halt its attacks on people in Kosovo. In 2008 Pristina declared independence which is recognized by 113 countries but rejected by Serbia.