READER SOUND-OFF: How will Sox, Cubs do this year?

April 2, 2019 GMT

The Chicago Cubs and White Sox dropped each dropped their opening series for the 2019 season against the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals, respectively.

The Cubs opened the season with a 12-4 win. However, despite a surging offense, pitching woes left the Cubs with a 1-2 record going into today.

The White Sox got their first win on Sunday after Lucas Giolito took a no-hitter into the seventh inning of a 6-3 victory. They also sport a 1-2 record.

With baseball season now underway, locals predicted how their teams will do this season through the Daily Journal’s Facebook page. Here is what they had to say:


TALENT IS THERE: As banged up as they were last year, they still managed to win 95 games and missed the actual playoffs by a hair. While they didn’t make many off season acquisitions, I didn’t feel like they really needed to. They have a ton of talent, it was just a matter of being healthy and having the right mindset. Out of spring training this year everyone seems to be in great shape and looking good! The NL Central is going to be tough, but as long as everyone stays healthy the Cubs have the talent already there to be a contender.

That being said, and just being a huge fan of baseball in general, I’m looking forward to watching the White Sox this year. I think they’ve got the beginnings of something special. Eloy [Jimenez’s] a beast and hated to see [Michael] Kopech get sidelined but the next few years should be exciting for the south side.

— Greg Rattin

CUBS ALL THE WAY: Been a Cub fan all my life. I still haven’t gotten over them being 2016 World Series Champions! Without a doubt, they could go all the way this year barring injuries. I’ll root for the White Sox also. After all, they’re a Chicago team, too. But by any remote chance they’d get into the World Series the same year, it’s Cubs all the way. And, I pity that town of Chicago after it’s all over!

— Bob Beedle

Team needs to stay healthy: I think that even though they didn’t make many moves during the offseason, we will do just fine with the talent we have as long as everyone stays healthy and they zone in. With the right moves, we can definitely make it into the playoffs again this year!

— Gabrielle Emerick

HOUSE DIVIDED: [Crossing my fingers] for a winning season all the way! But I’m in a mixed marriage — being married to a Sox fan. So, hopefully, the Sox will have a better season than last year.

— Judi Bright

Chances are strong: I think they have a very strong chance of going all the way again. I would love to see that happen again.

— Breanna Cramer

GOING TO ROCK IT: They are going to totally rock it this year. They just have great talent with their players.

— Brianne Schafroth


NOT OPTIMISTIC: The Eloy [Jimenez] signing salvaged a little bit of the offseason, but this isn’t a great team. Hard to see them winning more than 80 games or finishing higher than third place.

— Caleb Benoit

LONG SEASON AHEAD: It’s gonna be a long season, again.

— Justin Roberson

NO STANDOUT PLAYER: The Sox have a lot of great young talent. However, without a true ace on the mound, we’re going to struggle.

— Jon Woelke

FAMILY OF FANS: Of course me and the family are White Sox fans born and raised on the southside. But my dad was born and raised on the northside. So he was the only Cubs fan in the family, and he took a lot of heat for that.

— Steven Williams