Darien resident Jan Dilenschneider opens 7th solo exhibition in France

April 23, 2019 GMT

Darien resident Jan Dilenschneider will open her seventh solo exhibition in France, this time in Avignon, at the Abbaye Saint-André, running Wednesday, May 1-Sunday, June 23.

“We selected Ms. Dilenschneider’s work over several other U.S. painters because of her success in delivering the concepts of environmental protection and preservation and lovely nature, qualities that we reflect at the Abbaye,” Gustav Viennet, proprietor of the Abbaye Saint-André, said in a news release.

Dilenschneider will share 30 new paintings as part of the show.

“I continue to paint my passion,” Dilenschneider said in the release. “I want my observer to believe they can help protect our environment. Most understand that there is a climate change but few are willing to do anything about it.


“I paint to highlight the beauty of waterscapes, beautiful leaves, grasses and flowers of our planet. I add my excitement and passion through the angular gesture lines and create the joy of nature through wonderful color combinations that I ask to ‘sing together,’ ”

An historic monument and considered among the most beautiful in France, the Abbaye Saint-André’s gardens and the abbot’s palace are located within the walls of the fort of the same name.

The Benedictine monastery was founded in the 10th century on the site of the hermitage of Saint Casarie. Becoming a royal abbey by the 13th century, Abbaye Saint-André had considerable influence over a large part of southern France. Partially destroyed during the French Revolution, the Abbey was left to abandon before becoming private property.

Today, the gardens are open to the public, as is the abbot’s palace, altered in the 17th century, to become a beautiful reflection of the splendors of that period.

“We are so pleased to have one of Jan Dilenschneider’s caliber take yet another step in France and to do this in our Abbaye,” Viennet said.

Speaking about Dilenschneider’s work, Bertrand de Saint Vincent, the Arts and Cultural editor of Le Figaro said, “Dilenschneider expresses her artistic sensibility unhampered by the trends and tyrannies of the art market. She wields her brush with wild passion and tremulous elation, bringing trees, flowers, grass and reeds to calm, majestic life.”

Dilenschneider has worked hard to emphasize the link between France and the U.S., according to the release. Some of her work can be seen in Paris at the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to France, Jamie McCourt.


Active with artists in the United States, in June of this year Dilenschneider will bring for the first time a Fulbright Scholar in the Arts to the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, as part of the program established with the Institute of International Education (IIE). The IIE is the largest educational exchange program in the world.

“Silvermine is honored to be selected to host IIE scholars on our campus to further their artistic excellence and foster cultural exchange. Being part of the Fulbright Program is consistent with Silvermine’s vision to champion art as the vehicle to create cultural bridges of understanding throughout the world,” Rose-Marie Fox, Board Chair of Silvermine Arts Center, said in the release. “Our facilities allow the Fulbright Scholar to work in mediums ranging from metal working and foundry, woodworking, digital graphics to more traditional painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography and we are grateful to Jan Dilenschneider for providing the scholarship.”.

In the United States, Dilenschneider also sponsors a program through the IIE entitled “Scholar Rescue Award in the Arts,” where she has placed scholars from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ethiopia and Bangladesh in leading U.S. universities.

In addition, Dilenschneider is preparing for a September exhibition in Mystic, where she will show new paintings.