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Account Of Torture Emerges From Suspected Serial Killer’s Former Cellmate

November 3, 1991 GMT

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ Charles Ng bragged about sexually torturing and disfiguring women with a power drill and pliers to make them beg for their lives, says a man once imprisoned with the serial killing suspect.

The man, identified only as a former military prison cellmate of Ng’s, also says in a television interview that Ng professed to hating some ethnic groups and homosexuals so much that he killed a gay man by burning him alive.

″He can kill and not even think about it. He could kill you right now ... and he has absolutely no conscience. ... He could kill and go watch a movie or have breakfast 10 minutes later,″ he said in an interview scheduled for broadcast Monday on ″Inside Edition,″ a nationally syndicated program.

A transcript of the interview was released to The Associated Press. Authorities declined to comment on it.

Ng, a 30-year-old former Marine and martial arts expert, faces trial in Calaveras County on kidnapping and murder charges in 11 deaths discovered in 1985. Two more murder charges are pending in other courts.

Ng vanished the day after detectives found piles of charred bones, blood- stained tools, shallow graves and the 250-page diary of an alleged accomplice at a remote compound in the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains, about 150 miles east of San Francisco.

A month later, Ng was arrested in Canada for shoplifting and wounding a store guard. After serving time in a Canadian prison, he was extradited to California in September to face trial.

Prosecutors have disclosed few details about the slayings, but say they have videotapes Ng and a possible accomplice allegedly made while torturing victims.

The former cellmate said Ng fantasized about holding women as sex slaves, and later plotted their capture and stalked them in pursuits he called ″ops,″ an acronym for military operations.

Ng raped his women victims, he alleged, but drew most pleasure from torturing them. He alleged that Ng used pliers to rip off their nipples, pushed a device attached to a power drill up their vaginas, shoved rods up their anuses, and broke their knuckles with vise grips.

″He loved it,″ the former cellmate said. ″The torture, the pure terror. He wanted to see terror. He wanted to see them beg, to plead.″

When they stopped begging, Ng would kill them, he alleged.


″Inside Edition″ spokeswoman Judy Geder said the man shared a cell with Ng in a military cell in Fort Leavenworth, Kan., in the early 1980s and, after both were freed, spoke with Ng several times in the mid-1980s.

The man requested anonymity because he believes he’s on an Ng hit list, ″Inside Edition″ officials said. He said he didn’t immediately tell authorites about his conversations with Ng, but now expects eventually to testify against him.

Ng tried to recruit him into a survivalist brotherhood, and may have a cult following, he said.

Authorities said that after Ng’s capture in Canada, he wrote a list of people he wanted killed. They said they learned of the list from a former fellow inmate of Ng’s in Canada.

Authorities said Ng’s alleged accomplice, Leonard Lake, committed suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill during police questioning shortly before the bodies were found.