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Race for charity and cupcakes at Pony Express Days

May 26, 2019 GMT

Pony Express Days features activities you’d expect from a summer celebration in Utah, but one of the events sets itself apart and gives back to the community.

The Cupcake Charity is a 5K and kids fun run that takes place on Saturday morning every year during Pony Express Days, with all proceeds given to a local family in need.

Executive Director Sheena Norman shared that the charity was “started back in 2010 by a few women in Eagle Mountain. We had a friend whose husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was self-employed and therefore the insurance they had would not cover everything he would need to go through medically to care for this tumor. We wanted to do something to help our friend and started racking our brains trying to come up with ideas of how we could raise money for the family. After a lot of thought, we decided that we would put on a 5K that would include a kids fun run and bake sale.”


They were amazed by the amount of donated baked goods and the list of runners wanting to participate, and knew they had to continue the charity to help others that were struggling in their community.

Norman added, “Our motto for our charity is “Adding Sweetness to Life,” and that is exactly what we do when we help someone in need. We do whatever we can to add sweetness to their lives. We have worked with so many amazing families who have blessed our lives so much.”

The charity is run entirely by group of volunteers who dedicate their time to organize multiple events. They have put together numerous races, princess parties, fun runs, sub for santas, and they have participated in various Eagle Mountain city events. The events they facilitate bring 150-600 runners out to the trails of Eagle Mountain to race for a cause.

The city and local businesses get involved as well. Norman shared, “We have typically had a great response from Eagle Mountain city and local businesses who are always willing to donate swag items, water, cupcakes, cakes, raffle items, etc.”

Norman said, “We knew when we started this charity that we wanted to help as many people as we could. We are not a large charity and are not able to help everyone, but we do as much as we can and love every minute of it. We have a great community who is always willing to come out and support our cause.”

When it comes time to pick a recipient for the benefits of the events, the charity seeks out nominations from the community.

“Once we receive the nominations, we then go through a process within our committee to choose a family who will receive the benefits. We are currently working through picking our family for this year’s Pony Express 5K. We hope to be able to announce the family within the next few days,” Norman said.

Runners looking to race for a cause and ease the burdens of a local family can sign up at https://www.raceentry.com/2019-pony-express-days-cupcake-charity-5k/race-informatio n.