Best 4k Gaming Monitors of 2020 now available at discounted prices

June 1, 2020 GMT

Miami, Florida, United States, May 29 2020 (Wiredrelease) Health Spotlight Whether you’re a gamer or an artist, the best investment that you can do after buying a good PC is to upgrade your monitor. A lousy monitor hurts the gaming experience, be it the low brightens, bad viewing angles, or the slow 60hz refresh rate of the past.

If you’re in content creation, low color accuracy can be a real downside to your work too. A good monitor can enhance your daily PC experience.

A lot of technologies like high refresh rates make small tasks like opening and dragging windows look smooth and fast; meanwhile, the crazy high resolutions available on the market make your content come to life.

There is a number of factors to consider while buying a new monitor. There are various form factors, RGB lighting, Panel Technologies, Various refresh rates, and color accuracies.  What you need to find is a combination of these features that suites your workflow.

With everyone staying home in quarantine and watching content on streaming services, it is needless to say that a higher resolution monitor will give you the best content consumption experience. Here is a list of great yet affordable gaming monitors available on sale right now.

LG 4K UHD 27UD88-W 27 LED-Lit Monitor:

Priced a little higher than the last one, this monitor offers an IPS panel. Pre-Calibrated display and excellent color accuracy with sRGB coverage of over 99% the monitor also features a good design and all the necessary ports, including the latest standard USB type C. It also allows for fast charging over the USB port.

The monitor also comes with the standard VESA mount. The monitor retails for around 450 USD on Amazon and is an absolute steal of a deal. More information on the product can be found in this article.


The monitor offers great color accuracy for its low price with good detail ultra-high-resolution, it also has a USB Type-A port at the back for connecting devices and charging your gadgets. The fact that this panel is pre-calibrated makes it ideal for content creators and professionals.

The monitor features beautiful aesthetics and modern yet simple design. The low price to performance ratio is a huge plus point; hence it can be used as an entry-level professional monitor. There is also support for AMD free sync, making games look smoother.


The high response time 5ms of the monitor is not that great when it comes to gaming, it is also locked at 60 Hz, so high-end games and modern E-Sports titles won’t be that much fun to play. There is also no g-sync support, so people having Nvidia GPUs will comparatively have a bad experience.

Although the monitor has excellent color accuracy, still some green parts of the images are slightly skewed.

Samsung 28-Inch UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor (LU28E570DS/ZA):

The Samsung UE570 is a great monitor to start with the 4k upgrade of your viewing experience. It offers many great features, all of which make it ideal for an entry-level gaming monitor.

The monitor provides a 4k resolution at the usual 60 Hz refresh rate. It also supports AMD Free sync making it feasible for gaming use. It has a very low 1ms response time and a sleek design with not much of a gamer aesthetic.

The brushed metal finish at the bottom and along the bezels of the monitor gives it an industrial look. The monitor is on sale at Amazon so that you can grab all these features for the price of 290 USD.


Excellent visuals and contrast. The Samsung UE570 offers great visual quality and contrast thanks to its great 4k panel, making it ideal for content consumption.

It also supports UHD for compatible devices, so if you have a home theatre or a console that supports 4k output, it can easily be connected to the monitor. UE570 also has USB type C port making it easier to connect with laptops and devise across platforms.

Lastly, the device Has 2 HDMI ports and a display port, so the number of simultaneously connected devices won’t be an issue.


The high refresh rate of the monitor makes it somewhat not ideal for gaming. The monitor lacs G-Sync support and only supports free sync through display port.

Also, the included meal stand only has tilt adjustment, so there is no way to adjust the height of the monitor. Find more details on best and affordable 4k gaming monitors here!


MSI is a company known for manufacturing great gaming hardware. This monitor is no exception with its 32-inch 4k display, Curved panel, and Free sync support.

The monitor offers aggressive gaming aesthetic with its curved screen and RGB lights on the back, with all the usual features like HDR and type-c connectivity. The price tag on the MSI OPTIX is a bit high and around 360 US Dollars.


The curved display of the OPTIX MAG321CURV coupled wit the native 4k resolution gives a great and immersive gaming experience. The monitor also features great build quality the triangular stand design allows it to cover less desk space despite the large size.

It also features a Gaming OSD app that will enable customizations to be done relatively quickly. Console optimization feature allows better pairing with consoled and improved TDP.


The monitor has significant Ghosting in low response time preset for gaming, which is not ideal for an enjoyable experience it also features a TN panel rather than a newer IPS panel, so bad viewing angles can be a problem.

The washed-out colors of the TN panel coupled with bad color accuracy render HDR feature of the monitor pointless so iffy or looking for a good HDR monitor you might want to take a look at this listing.

Acer CB282K smiiprx :

This 28-inch monitor by Acer offers a great value with features like HDR10, 10-Bit color depth, good color accuracy, low response time, and AMD Free sync. It also features a fully adjustable stand with height and tilt adjustments.

The monitor also features a pair of 2w speakers for audio, although the quality might not be that good. it also has improved gaming performance thanks to flicker-free technology and a wide viewing angle. The monitor currently on an offer by amazon retails for around 300 USD


The monitor offers an IPS panel with elegant colors and high resolution. 10- bit color depth makes it more accurate, and the support of HDR enhances video and gaming experience. The response time is extremely low, so online and competitive gaming should not be an issue here.

It also features the standard VESA mount, so height and tilt adjustments are fairly straightforward.


The motor has a peak brightness of mere 300nits, so HDR is pointless as the brighter scenes will still look dull and unlit on the screen.

Although the product says it supports 60 HZ, that is only at 1080p resolution. When you switch to 4k with the same color settings, the refresh rate drops to 50 Hz.

The display is also is not calibrated out of the box, so if you intend to do any photo editing or professional work on it, the screen will have to be manually calibrated. Visit this website for a complete list of Best 4K Gaming Monitors!

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