Aug. 16 Letters to the Editor

August 16, 2016 GMT

Those hobby drones need to be grounded We need to put a stop to all those annoying hobby drones flying around our skies, invading our privacy, cluttering our neighborhoods and even making it potentially dangerous to be in public places.

Here’s a law I want to see established: It shall be illegal for any drone to ever fly anywhere except 6 inches above the head of whoever is operating that drone. Dan A. Robertson Crockett Situations were not remotely the same The author of the July 21 letter, “Should Rice, Powell also face charges?”, writes that if Hillary Clinton were to face criminal charges for her negligent handling of emails with her personal server, that both former secretaries of state Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell would have to be charged as well.

Sorry. Neither Rice nor Powell demonstrated the utter foolishness nor contempt that Clinton did when she held their positions.

To even bring them up in the same situation is comical. This isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican issue at all. It’s called national security. Clinton put our country at risk, period. The other two did not. Too bad liberals like the letter writer can’t see the forest for the trees. Peter D. Setzer Lafayette Trump sabotaging his own campaign It’s one thing to want to be president of the United States, but quite another to actually have to be the president -- for four long years.

Donald Trump hadn’t thought this through until the train had already left the station.

I think poor Trump has now come to realize that he could be elected and that he’d really have to do a very difficult job.

But with his massive yet fragile ego, he can’t say he’s changed his mind. So what he’s doing is the next best thing; he’s sabotaging his campaign. Let’s support him in this. Dave Coleman Castro Valley A once great nation has been corrupted In his Aug. 5 column, “Corruption of a once great party is complete,” Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne paints a devastating summary of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

President Barack Obama’s excoriation that Trump is “unfit to serve as president” probably provides the final blow to the struggling, mostly self-induced demise of the Trump campaign.

While it’s hard to argue with Dionne’s assessment of an unstable egotist at the top of its ticket, he is silent about what happens next to a largely dumbed down, lied to and misinformed American populace led by a corrupt, immoral, decadent and financially insolvent Washington/Wall Street Hillary Clinton government.

Perhaps Dionne can expand his review and retitle the commentary, “Corruption of a once great nation is complete.” Chris Kniel Orinda PG&E coincidences never seem to cease So the feds, in the case against PG&E, suddenly decided that the PG&E fine should be reduced from $562 million to just about $6 million. Then, just as suddenly, PG&E decides to change its rate hike from $4 a month to its customers down to only 50 cents a month. What a remarkable coincidence. Dorothy Miller Pittsburg Editorial on death penalty on target Thanks for the July 18 editorial, “Abolish death penalty; pass Proposition 62.” The November ballot will be extremely long with competing issues on it but these two need to be highlighted and revisited often before Election Day.

The death penalty is the only thing I can think of from which the state cannot recover with an “oops -- wrong guy.”

I used to think that if DNA evidence was found and validated, then that created facts. Then there was the homeless man from San Jose who ended up accused of murder because of cross contamination. There have been people executed over “scientific methods” such as eyewitness reports, bite marks, hair type analysis and other methods now debunked.

When someone has been murdered, having the state commit murder under the guise of justice is just as evil to me. If there is a God somewhere who takes roll at the end, let justice be served there. People have already shown they are too able to make mistakes in administering justice. The death penalty cannot be reversed once accomplished. Moira Fry San Leandro