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Excerpts of Testimony by Ronald Shipp in O.J. Simpson Trial

February 2, 1995

Excerpts of testimony by former Los Angeles police officer Ronald Shipp Thursday in the O.J. Simpson trial.

(In following segment, Shipp is being cross-examined by defense attorney Carl Douglas about efforts to re-enter the LAPD after quitting the force.)

DEFENSE ATTORNEY CARL DOUGLAS: OK. Now, you left the police force in October of 1989, didn’t you?


DOUGLAS: And when you left, you had plans to further your acting career, didn’t you?

SHIPP: Well, I left, to be perfectly honest, and my wife will verify this and my family _ I was burned out. I didn’t know what the heck I was going to do. But I just _ I left the job because I was burned out.

DOUGLAS: Did you leave voluntarily?

SHIPP: Oh yes, I did.

DOUGLAS: And didn’t you have conversations after you left with Mr. Simpson, perhaps using Mr. Simpson’s influence to kick off your acting career?

SHIPP: Can I answer this fully?

DOUGLAS: Can you answer it yes or no?


DOUGLAS: OK. At about the time that you left the police department, Mr. Simpson was the producer of a TV series, wasn’t he?

SHIPP: When I left the police department?

DOUGLAS: Correct.

SHIPP: I’m not sure if it was canceled by then or not.

DOUGLAS: `First and 10′ was the series, was it not?

SHIPP: Yeah, he did have a series.

DOUGLAS: And, in fact, Mr. Simpson was able to get you small roles in that series, wasn’t he?

SHIPP: One role.

DOUGLAS: And you had wanted to try to obtain more and larger roles, didn’t you?

SHIPP: That’s not true.

DOUGLAS: OK. Isn’t it true, sir, that when your acting career floundered, you re-applied to work again with the police department, even though you had been so burned out, as you say?

SHIPP: I did, OK, what

happened was, when things _ I started a security business. Things didn’t work out. OK? Things didn’t work out.

DOUGLAS: Answer this: Is it true, even though you were so burned out with the police department, that you re-applied?

SHIPP: Yes, I did re-apply.

DOUGLAS: When was that?

SHIPP: Probably about a year afterwards.

DOUGLAS: Are you sure it was that long?

SHIPP: I can’t remember. You have the dates.

DOUGLAS: Sure I do. Wasn’t it more like four months?

SHIPP: No, it wasn’t four months that I recall.

DOUGLAS: And isn’t it true that even though you wanted to be again a member of the police department, they didn’t accept you? Correct?

SHIPP: This is true.

DOUGLAS: And isn’t it true that they didn’t accept you because of a substance abuse problem that you had?

SHIPP: No, not at all. It’s not true.

DOUGLAS: Why were you told that you weren’t accepted?

SHIPP: Because when I _ during my _ during the time when I had the alcohol problem, I took stress leave and I was told by the city attorney’s office that it would be _ I’d be a very high risk to come back to the LAPD.

DOUGLAS: So they thought you’d be unfit as an officer?

SHIPP: Because of _ yeah, for the stress.


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