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Mary Souza

May 6, 2019

Mary Souza just doesn’t understand. She is an apparently intelligent person, capable of writing an op/ed piece for a newspaper. At least I think she wrote the story that ran under her name in the Sunday Journal. I have no personal knowledge of her authorship, but I think I have to accept the story as hers. So her inability to get “it” is puzzling.

We, the citizens of Idaho, don’t want rhetoric, we don’t want excuses, we don’t want convoluted explanations, we don’t want gas. We want the expanded Medicaid that 60.6 percent of us voted for. That’s a majority. I’ve always been told that the majority rules. Idaho is apparently an exception to that.

We voted for plain old expanded Medicaid. We didn’t say anything about all the frills, bells and whistles the right side of the aisle gave us. We didn’t want work requirements, no matter how thoughtful Souza thinks the Republicans are for voting them in.

We didn’t want a bunch of baloney that higher courts in two states have thrown out. All we want is for people in the state to have medical insurance. That doesn’t seem so tough to understand.

As long as I’m writing, I’ll tell you I knew exactly what I was voting for. It’s really swell of the Republicans to try and protect me from myself. I really do appreciate it. But stop it. I’ve been reading for 70 some years. I’ll risk my ability to comprehend the written word without help from any politicians.

While I’m at this, I’m no squealing pig. Thanks to Chris Stevens for pointing that out. I’m at a loss to explain how the voters of two counties can elect a representative who thinks I am.

I took a turn on the petition lines trying to enlist folks to vote for the expanded Medicaid initiative, bad back, game leg and all. I’d like to point out that George Soros neither tried to bribe me into performing public service nor shoved money into my pocket, no matter what any ridiculous position paper tries (very feebly, I might add) to allege he did.

Glenn Alford,


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