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Aiken Standard Kids Triathlon promotes health, discipline in kids, teens

May 16, 2019 GMT

Saturday is expected to be an exciting day for the community as groups of local children and teens participate in the second Aiken Standard Kids Triathlon.

The event will raise money for different charities, but it is also designed as a fun, unique activity for the youth in the community, pushing them to get fit and physically in shape.

Dr. Paula Luther, a pediatrician with Southside Pediatrics, said she thinks the Kids Triathlon is a great and “super exciting” event for Aiken’s youth.

“This is probably the first event I’ve seen here that puts a focus on children’s health, giving them something to keep them physically active,” Luther said Wednesday.


She said the event has many health benefits for children and teens.

“The triathlon is good because it’s made to be age-appropriate for the different age groups,” she said. “Younger kids don’t have to do as much swimming, biking and running as the teenagers. This keeps the kids from overextending themselves.”

Participants in the event are encouraged to follow a daily training program to prepare for the event.

Luther said it’s important the kids train properly, because this will decrease the chance of injury.

Training also offers children a chance to learn discipline and the importance of proper preparation for strenuous events like the triathlon, she said.

“Another aspect of the the Kids Triathlon I like is that it consists of normal kid activities, opposed to a sport played year round – like soccer,” Luther said. “I think making the physical activities swimming, biking and running – activities kids enjoy doing anyway – makes the event more fun for the children.”

For more race information, visit aikenkidstri.com.