DEEP issues warning after reports of aggressive swan in Newtown

August 19, 2016

Residents are reminded to not interact with wildlife, following recent reports of aggressive animals.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection released the reminder Friday morning in its weekly fishing report, referencing recent reports of aggressive mute swans in Newtown and a beaver attack on the Quinebaug River.

The aggressive swans were reported on Lake Zoar near Alpine Drive a week or two ago, but there haven’t been calls from residents since then. The swans’ territory is believed to be near the wooden roofed “umbrella” pavilion, which many visitors use as a recreation and picnic spot, said Dennis Schain, a DEEP spokesman.

DEEP warns visitors that mute swans can be particularly aggressive toward boaters when protecting their territories and have been responsible for causing small boats to capsize.

“Mute swans will vigorously defend their territory throughout the year,” Schain said. “It is important to remember not to feed swans or other waterfowl as this can trigger or increase aggressive behavior.”

Please contact DEEP Dispatch (860-424-3333, 24 hours) to report any cases in which swans or other wildlife species are causing a threat to public safety.