Republican leaders visit Hastings to rally support going into election

November 8, 2018 GMT

Nebraska’s governor and U.S. senators visited Hastings Municipal Airport Monday during a Get Out The Vote Rally Tour across the state.

Gov. Pete Ricketts, U.S. Sens. Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse, and U.S. Reps. Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith attended the tour.

The tour landed in Scottsbluff, Alliance and North Platte before arriving in Hastings. After the stop, the group flew to Lincoln to wrap up the tour at the Nebraska Republican Party headquarters.

Each elected official spoke during the event to promote the accomplishments of the others and rally support for the Republican ticket.


Sasse, the only member of the group not up for re-election, started off the speeches by sharing his fondness of Hastings in the few occasions he has visited.

“Hastings is a place that always delivers votes for Republican candidates,” he said.

Sasse introduced Fortenberry, describing him as a principled conservative.

Fortenberry talked about the way the Nebraska senators and congressmen work together in Washington to help the state and country.

Fischer was up next to discuss her success working with President Donald Trump to accomplish some of his campaign promises in his first two years as president.

She said people complain about nothing being done in Washington, but she said that’s not true. She said many bills are passed but often don’t garner much attention if they aren’t controversial issues.

Fischer touted the growth in the economy, with 3.5 percent this quarter and 4.2 percent last quarter.

“Consumer confidence is at its highest level in 18 years,” she said.

Smith said he has enjoyed his time working with other congressmen to tackle the nation’s issues.

In light of the growing economy, Smith said, his next goal is to bring more people into the workforce.

“We’ve been working to help get people off the sidelines,” he said. “If we can bring them off the sidelines, we all benefit.”

Ricketts finished up the speeches, starting out by thanking the dozens of citizens who filled the airport lobby to show support for the candidates.

“This is the biggest turnout we’ve had so far,” he said. “We appreciate you being here.”

Ricketts said Trump has had arguably the most productive first two years in office as any recent presidents. He said unemployment is at a record low, including unemployment for minority groups.

He also recounted his record as governor, with the state havng the sixth-lowest unemployement rate and the most job growth per capita in the nation for the last two years.

He encouraged people to tell their friends to vote in the election to continue to see the progress recently seen in the state and country.

“Tell them to get out and vote Republican,” Ricketts said.