New ‘Mission: Impossible’ film ratchets up the excitement (review)

July 25, 2018 GMT

New ‘Mission: Impossible’ film ratchets up the excitement (review)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The truly impossible mission in “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” is surprising the audience with something new after six movies. But somehow the movie succeeds.

The MI franchise has already made billions for the studio, largely due to Tom Cruise as the outrageously resourceful Ethan Hunt. Co-stars Simon Pegg (as Benji Dunn) and Ving Rhames (as Luther Stickell) are almost as vital as comic relief, with Pegg and Rhames as all-around conscience, best buddy and technical genius.

Henry Cavill, the guy who played Superman in recent flicks, has a pivotal role in the film where his overall straight-laced attitude fits. Rebecca Ferguson plays the role of confused girlfriend/rival secret agent perfectly, but Vanessa Kirby steals her thunder as the villainous White Widow.

“Mission: Impossible” movies are synonymous with action, special effects and insane stunt work wrapped around convoluted plots that defy logic and science. “Fallout” is more of the same, ratcheted up a notch or two.

To be honest, the nonstop action is exhausting, as Cruise and friends battle the bad guys (and maybe good guys; hard to tell) in the sewers of Paris, atop the buildings of London and in the sky over Norway (disguised as Kashmir).

The basic plot, which gets twisted beyond recognition as good guys become bad guys and all variations in between, is that there are three plutonium cores the size of cantaloupes on the black market. Cruise is asked to get them back; if he fails, it’s the end of the world. In other words, a pretty typical “Mission: Impossible” scenario.

If the audience got a bit confused by the plot with the characters and their twisting loyalties, they didn’t express it. There were shouts, applause and occasional inappropriate laughter at the press screening.

One of the appeals of the film is the authenticity of Cruise doing some of his own stunts.

In one scene, Cruise leaps from one London rooftop onto another and lands badly.

Cruise writhes in pain, but keeps moving forward.

Turns out it was not just good acting; Cruise actually broke his ankle during that stunt. The injury held up production for a while, but Cruise resumed his risky stunts once he was healed.

“Fallout” isn’t Shakespeare; it’s high-voltage action and adrenaline. Sure, it’s light on science and just about anything resembling reality and physics, but fans are not looking for realism. They want mind-numbing action, special effects and a good story.

They will not be disappointed.


Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Who: With Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin and Vanessa Kirby. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Rated: PG-13 for action and violence.

Running time: 147 minutes.

When: Opens Friday.

Where: Area theaters.

Grade: A