Meek Mill’s lawyers ask court to remove judge from case

June 5, 2018 GMT

Meek Mill’s legal team filed a motion on Monday to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court calling for the removal of Judge Genece Brinkley, who has presided over the rapper’s case since he was first put on probation.

Mill was released on bail through the jurisdiction of the state Supreme Court in April, something Brinkley was not looking to do.

“Judge Brinkley’s conduct since the time of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to grant bail to Meek — including inappropriately commenting on his case through her lawyer, treating him differently than the thousands of other uncontested PCRAs and stating under oath that she has in the past and may in the future be disabled from performing her job — necessitates her immediate removal from this case,” said Joe Tacopina, Mill’s lawyer.

“We have now asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to do just that so that Meek can be treated the same as all other similar defendants have been treated in the past.”

Last month, the rapper’s legal team filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition to get his conviction overturned and eliminate the need for an evidentiary hearing on June 18.

This came after Bradley Bridge, a lawyer from the Defender Association of Philadelphia, filed an affidavit saying he has filed more than 2,000 PCRA requests in Pennsylvania involving corrupt police officers and has never had a judge order an evidentiary hearing.

When Mill was released from prison in April, Chuck Peruto, Brinkley’s lawyer, said that she was not as “adamant” about his original conviction as she was with the probation violations that resulted in the rapper’s prison sentence.

“Probation violation is one thing she feels strongly about,” Peruto said.

Mill’s case has gone through several twists and turns. The officer who originally arrested him appeared on a list of corrupt Philadelphia police officers held in the District Attorney’s Office and dating back to when Seth Williams was district attorney.

The District Attorney’s Office said earlier this year that Mill should be granted a new trial. Three people arrested by the officer who originally arrested Mill were released from prison before Mill.

Since being released in April, the rapper has been seen with Gov. Tom Wolf speaking about criminal justice reform. Mill canceled a White House visit earlier this month for a discussion on criminal justice reform.