TC Line: Let’s Get on with It

September 27, 2018

Trump, Obama, Kavanaugh

My goodness gracious. Donald Trump continues to blame the Democrats for every single thing that happens. And Obama, goodness gracious, do you think you could get on with it? Why, it’s the Democrats’ fault that (Trump) was even elected. And on Judge Kavanaugh, maybe he was too drunk to remember the incident in question.

Civility out window

I have always lent myself to civility, but that’s gone out the window. I’m sick. I am nauseated by the tactics of the Democrats. If they’re not going to be civil, I don’t have to be civil. Next time I see you with a bumper sticker, I’m going to confront you. Next time I see you in a restaurant, I will ruin your meal. Next time that I hear of anything where I can make a false accusation to ruin some Democrat’s life, I will do it. What is good for the goose is now good for the gander.

Accusers innocent?

Should not these women who’ve made accusations against Kavanaugh be considered innocent of lying until proven otherwise? And may I ask any of you calling in, accusing the Democrats of bringing these women out, where’s the proof? And I hope you are not the men that have been calling and threatening one of the women who’s made accusations and the nonprofit she’s associated with.

Not in this paper

Here are some things you will not read in the pages of this newspaper. Jared Schutz, aka Polis, was accused of assaulting a woman in 1998. A police report was issued. No. 2 man in the Democratic party, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend. Police reports have been issued. Her son confirms these assaults. These aren’t decades old unverified accusations.

Editor’s note: According to multiple media reports, Polis and an ex-employee had a physical altercation in 1999 when he blocked her attempt to leave his Boulder office with files belonging to the business. He is reported to have pushed her back into the office. Afterward, the ex-employee was granted a temporary restraining order, and she pleaded guilty to stealing trade secrets. Polis was not charged. Ellison is running for Minnesota attorney general. He has been accused by a former girlfriend of dragging her off of a bed by her feet while screaming obscenities, in 2016. Ellison is deputy chair of the Democratic Party, according to democrats.org .

Open season

The recent circus in the United States Senate should scare every politician regardless of political affiliation. Opposition research today is big money. If you currently hold public office or ever wish to hold public office or even think about it, everything in your life back to high school is now susceptible for interpretation and political exploitation.

Our RTD money

I’ve heard about giving to RTD for as long as I can remember. We’ve been doing that as long as I can remember. And here in Longmont, I don’t know what things that we’ve ever got from RTD. Seems like it all goes to Denver. So please inform me if I’m wrong.

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