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AM-Prep: Kickers

December 20, 2018


WAVERLY, Ohio (AP) — This inmate ended up in hot water — literally. Police in Ohio report that an inmate who escaped from custody was taken back into custody after she was found soaking in a hot tub. Authorities with the Pike County sheriff’s office say the 34-year-old woman fled while being booked on drug possession charges on Tuesday. She was spotted several hours later lounging in the hot tub of a senior living community. On the one hand, the fact that she stood out in a senior facility would be a sign she didn’t look old enough to be there. On the other hand, she was still wearing her yellow jail outfit when she was captured — so it was clear she didn’t fit in. It’s unclear how she managed to make it from the lockup to the senior community in Waverly — or why she went there. The woman is now charged with felony escape on top of the drug possession charges she already faced.


Portland, Maine (AP) — The state of Maine is passing on a social media post aimed at keeping people from puffing pot. Officials with the State Center for Disease Control decided to pull down the Facebook page spelling out the potential dancers of marijuana — after a rival spoof page sprung up. The agency decided to yank its site to minimize confusion between the two pages. It is also asking Facebook to review the satirical page to see if it violates the site’s rules against disinformation. Critics of the state site say it is “prohibition propaganda” — especially since the state has approved the use of pot for both medicinal and recreational uses.


ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — It’s a time of year when lots of people decide to have a ball. But in this instance, the ball was returned. The “ball” in question — is a finial that had been perched atop the conservatory at Como Park in St. Paul, Minnesota. Authorities say someone scaled the building to remove the golden sphere, prompting a search and a bid for help in locating the orb. Eventually police got a tip which led them to a nearby park — where the ball was found, wrapped in a giant Christmas stocking. No arrests have been made, but the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports security cameras spotted a group of people approaching the conservatory — and about 15 minutes later leaving the area with the ball.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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