Mileone Event: Know your Craft

December 3, 2016 GMT

MileOne, Laredo’s first business incubator, recently featured distributor of Mexican craft beers Gabriel Sada at its second event, “Know your Craft,” which is part of a series of hangouts for the local entrepreneurial community.

Originally from Monterrey, Sada moved to Laredo when he got married and was hungry to start a new business.

Aside from loving beer, Sada said he saw that there was a market for Mexican craft beer and as a result ventured into the beer business with DCX Beers.

He now distributes and imports three Mexican craft beers, La Avenida, Chalupa and Mano Pachona, which are brewed at Cerveceria Albur in Monterrey.

The craft beers first hit the Laredo market in 2015 at Border Foundry.

DCX Beers celebrated its first-year anniversary Thursday evening with a tasting of Albur’s line of beers with MileOne, a program of the Laredo Development Foundation.

MileOne, which connects local entrepreneurs and aims to accelerate existing business ventures, discovered Sada and the Albur line of Mexican craft beers at Border Foundry.

MileOne’s second hangout series event coincided with the one-year anniversary of the first beer Sada imported.

“He survived one year which is really hard for a lot of business. It’s kind of tough to get through the first year,” said Roger Garcia, LDF’s International Business Assistance Center administrative assistant.

“Now he has a lot of high percentage to succeed in the future and so we’re celebrating that here.”

Upon reaching his one-year anniversary of business, Sada said the most difficult part of starting this new endeavor wasn’t getting the beer into restaurants but what comes after.

“In particular to this business, it’s like a brand. Starting a brand is very, very difficult. The difficult part is that the customer orders the beer,” Sada said.

“I have to grow a good relationship with the restaurant, with the bar owners so that I can educate the servers so that my beer can go into the menus.”

Sada said he never tells people he’s the distributor but always asks if they enjoy craft beers and this often leads to the most rewarding aspect of his new business.

“When I hear of the brand without me telling them, it’s very rewarding,” he said.

As for the future, Sada said three more seasonal styles of beer will be available and there are plans to try and increase the catalog with many more styles of beers.

He said he also looks forward to expanding the business by creating more relations with distributors in other parts of Texas and beyond the state.

In addition to Border Foundry, Albur’s line of Mexican craft beers are available at Lolita’s Bistro, Thirty Thirty, Alamo Drafthouse and Capataz.

The MileOne project is dedicated to providing support and guidance to small businesses and grow the local economy.

Garcia said the MileOne team is excited and hopeful about bringing change to Laredo.

The MileOne hangout series are planned to be held once every month.