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New rules for Unity Park

August 22, 2018 GMT

La PORTE — Additional rules are being put in place at Unity Park preventing park goers from launching boats, swimming and parking trailers in the parking lot.

The new rules for Unity Park, which is located on Pine Lake Avenue between the Blue Heron Inn and Pine Lake Marina, were introduced at the City of La Porte Park and Recreation Department meeting.

La Porte Councilwomen Karyl Feikes updated the City of La Porte Common Council about the decision on Monday night.

With only 25 parking spots at Unity Park, Park and Recreation Superintendent Mark Schreiber said Unity Park wasn’t an area they wanted people launching boats from due to how much space trailers would take up in the small lot.


“It eats up way too much of the parking,” Schreiber said.

Similarly, swimming and diving in Pine Lake will not be allowed at the park due to a request from the city’s insurance carrier along with the area not being “an ideal spot” for such activities.

In other park board news, a design day was announced for the redesign of Fort La Play Porte. On Sept. 13, designers and park board members will visit with several area Third Grade classes and seek input from the students about what they’d like to see at the redesigned park.

Designs will be drawn up using the children’s input with an eventual community build taking place to make the chosen design a reality.

“Ideally, a year from now we will have a transformed La Play Porte,” Schreiber said.

In other news, the park board and the city council recognized La Porte resident Steve Raymond for hundreds upon hundreds of volunteer hours he put into cleaning up Beechwood Golf Course.

Raymond helped organize the cleanup work which took place over the course of 29 days. NIPSCO volunteered time topping and trimming trees as part of the project and Raymond worked with the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department to acquire the help of inmate work crews.

Raymond was awarded with a plaque recognizing his efforts and dedication.

In common council news, a second and final ordinance reading took place vacating a portion of Washington Street from Tyler to Teegarden streets, Teegarden right-of-way from State Street right-of-way to railroad right-of-way in order to clear room for the construction of the new La Porte Hospital.

Language was added to the ordinance since the first reading to ensure La Porte County EMS would still have undisrupted access in and out of their current location as long as they are located there.


La Porte County EMS is expected to move to a new location at some point during construction of the new hospital. A new location has yet to be agreed upon.

In other news, an ordinance which would create a rental dwelling registry remains tabled by the common council.

The proposed ordinance would require the registration of all rental properties and include basic information including the legal address of the property, the number of units and bedrooms per unit, the name of the properties insurers and the name and contact information for all owners and managers of the rental properties.

Lynn Cains, director of the Department of Code Enforcement, previously stated the registry’s purpose was to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of La Porte as many of the out of town LLC’s who own properties in La Porte include no contact information and can be difficult to reach.

The ordinance was tabled pending further review during a July 16 meeting after several landlords spoke out against the creation of the registry.

When Councilman Roger Galloway asked if the matter would be un-tabled soon, City Attorney Nick Otis stated he expects the matter to be un-tabled and discussed at “the next meeting or so.”