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My View: Amy MarashWe are not your enemy

August 19, 2018

My husband, Dave Marash, has served the public interest by reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Israel, Palestine, Rwanda and Nicaragua, risking his safety to do his job.

I was never a conflict reporter, just a TV camerawoman with two little kids at home, who never went to any war. In the course of my work I was held at gunpoint in Montana and spat on in the streets of Boston, but I usually risked very little while I covered wildfires, earthquakes and domestic upheaval. Mostly, I worked my region and shot everything on general assignment from politics, weather, sports, arts and culture to a bit of investigative work. The worst accident I had was falling asleep at the wheel on the way home from a fluffy assignment in Colorado for ABC’s Good Morning America. My training was to literally find my way to the assignment and document what I saw and heard.

I don’t think this makes me your enemy. I think this made me your eyes and ears, and sometimes your heart.

You may not believe what our guests say on Here & There with Dave Marash, on KSFR-FM, and you may believe that our podcasts and radio shows include too much opinion. You may disagree with the facts presented by the reporters and analysts on David’s show, but that does not make Dave your enemy. You may think my cartoons are offensive or unfair, but that does not make me an enemy of the American people.

We are here, and we stand in solidarity with the reporting staffs of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs and podcasters who bring you the truth as they see it. Please don’t let anyone tell you I am your enemy. Please do not ridicule our colleagues.

Amy Marash is an Emmy award-winning retired TV camerawoman.

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