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Usain Bolt doing his retirement lap before inspired fans

August 5, 2017 GMT

The countdown is on!

The one and only Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, is ready for retirement. His appearance at the 56th Ostrava Golden Spike in June 2017 was extraordinary.

The packed Mestsky Stadium in the Czech Republic went wild as Usain Bolt appeared on the tracks and the announcer bellowed the name U-S-A-I-N B-O-L-T. It was followed by the singing of the Jamaican national anthem, “Eternal Father Bless Our Land.” Signs that read “thank you Usain” were posted all around the stadium.

Czech fans waved Jamaican flags and fireworks exploded in the background. There was no question about their appreciation for Bolt.

As usual, in true Bolt form, he had a very friendly response, warming up to the audience, as he ran around the track and danced to the oldie but goodie, “Celebrate Good Times” by Sister Sledge. He took the time to shake hands of fans and sign autographs for them. Yes, there was no question about it, he was enjoying the moment!

“Bolt is really retiring? I thought that he still had a few more years left in him,” said Amiya D as she read the news online. “I am a Jamerican girl and Bolt is one of the many reasons why I am proud to embrace my Jamaican heritage.”

“The Czech’s honoring of Bolt says a lot about cross-over appeal. He is loved by people of all races. Bolt is really smart for retiring at the top of his game. I definitely believe this is the right thing to do,” she added.

“I’m sure that over the years it was the dream of many athletes to beat him,” she said. “But Bolt took nothing for granted he was always at the top of his game. Retiring at the top of his game is brilliant! He is getting older and sooner or later his age will stand in his way and increase his chances of getting hurt. I’m with you Bolt retire now!”

“Bolt has worked hard and perfected his skills so much so that when he wins it looks effortless,” said Brad Jones of St. Kitts and Nevis. “I will never forget his performance during the Olympic Games last year in Rio de Janeiro.

“I’m going to be honest, I’m not Jamaican but I always rooted for my Caribbean people,” he said. “I experience a lot of stress during his races, especially the 200 meters. But in the end he triumphs, and I can relax.”

Check out these Usain Bolt facts:

He is the only man that won the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4x100 meters in three successive Olympics.

He is an 11-time gold medal winner from 2009 to 2015.

He deserves all of this credit because he comes from very humble beginnings. He has not lost an individual race since 2013.

Usain Bolt said in a recent interview that he has only missed three weeks of training, which occurred when he lost one of his close friends, Olympian Germaine Mason, in a motor cycle accident. Just imagine the kind of focus and training it took to achieve these goals. This guy is a legend!”

The Jamaica Observer published an article in June where Bolt expressed his sentiments about his retirement. He stated that he was looking forward to the 2020 Olympic Games as a spectator. He said that it would be a joy for him to sit back and watch other athletes compete and empathize with their pre-game jitters and related anxieties.

The 30-year-old superstar athlete also hinted at that he was going to miss the high-energy environment of his fans but not the intensity of training.

The World Athletic Championships game is scheduled to take place in London from Aug. 4 to 13. The athletics fans are pumped up and ready to witness Bolt giving his final “lightning bolt dash” and coming out on top.

One Jamerican said it the best: “Keep on being your best Bolt, and being that role [model] for the younger generation – with hard work they can achieve and lead.”