Regional authority proposed for Quad Cities area

January 15, 2020 GMT

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — Some business and government leaders in the Quad Cities area of eastern Iowa and western Illinois want to form a regional authority that would gain funding and manage big projects.

The proposal was formally announced Tuesday in Davenport by Paul Rumler, CEO and president of the Quad Cities Chamber.

The Quad Cities Regional Metropolitan Authority would operate as a bi-state government authority and focus on riverfront development, including flood mitigation; regional planning and economic development; transportation and infrastructure; cultural and recreational amenities; education; and natural resources.

“Oftentimes cities plan individually, organizations plan individually, and what we’re trying to do is allow a mechanism to be created that we can start to plan and dream collectively and then to be able to bring the funds together to implement them,” Rumler said.

Rock Island (Illinois) Mayor Mike Thoms said being able to have more funding and pursue projects as a region could help each individual city and agency budget.

Some legislative work needs to occur before the authority could be formed. Identical bills would need to pass both states’ legislatures before congressional approval and the president’s signature were sought.