Telesis student appointed to the Governor’s Youth Commission, again

March 5, 2018 GMT

For the second year in a row, Telesis Preparatory Academy has a student sitting on the Governor’s Youth Commission.

Formed in 1989, the commission seeks youth input and participation in events, programs and campaigns that on a variety of subjects that include substance abuse, bullying, teen dating violence and distracted driving, as well as promoting civics education.

Last year, Telesis commission member Zachary Russell wanted to make a difference on the distracted driving sub-commission. This year, Telesis senior Pallavi Koyye chose bullying.

“Bullying has always been a big thing that has gone on in schools, and it’s the biggest challenge Arizona’s students’ face today,” Koyye said. “Not only is bullying a problem, but it leads to other things like substance abuse and the increase in the suicide rates that we are seeing happen over the past few years.”

Koyye sees herself as a natural born activist, interested in finding solutions to on-campus bullying, violence against others; the impact social media and cyberbullying.

During the interview process, Koyye said there is a “tremendous” need for anti-bullying clubs or committees on every campus in Arizona.

“These clubs could provide outreach,” she said. “But, there are other things we can do.”

In April, Koyye plans for classroom presentations at Telesis.

“I will handout wristbands to raise awareness and let my peers know there is help, and that a lot of people care,” she said.

Not keen on a life in politics, Koyye said she still plans on remaining involved.

“Community involvement has always been a big part of my life, because it has changed me as a person,” Koyye added. “Although politics has never been a part of my future, I see myself more about community, helping others and giving back.”