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Longhorns lose final game to Huffman Falcons, 77-48

February 19, 2018 GMT

The Tarkington Longhorns finished the basketball season with a sad, but hopeful note on Feb. 13 after the team lost to the Huffman Falcons, 77-48.

The Longhorns scored 15 points between Presley Blackmon, Garrett Coleman, Trae Deck and Marshall Willis. However, the Falcons had an eight-point lead over the team at the end of the first period, 23-15.

The Falcons scored another 20 points in the second period while Deck, George Molchan and Willis scored another 14 points for the Longhorns, which lessened the gap to 43-29.

The Longhorns did not fare quite as well in the third period. Molchan scored five points for the team while Blake Ellington and Bryson LeBlanc each scored two points. However, the Falcons doubled the score in that period with a 61-38 lead.

The fourth period progressed with the Longhorns keeping pace with the Falcons, but in the end the Falcons had scored enough points to stay ahead for a 77-48 victory.

Deck scored the most points for the Longhorns with 12 total divided between two two-point shots, two three-point shots and two free throws in three attempts. He is followed by Molchan and Willis who each have 11 points. Molchan made one two-point shot and three three-point shots while Wills made five two-point shots and one free throw.

Jeffrey Kay scored two three-point shots. Coleman made one free throw in two attempts. LeBlanc made two two-point shots. Ellington scored one two-point shot. Hunter Trahan made one free throw in two attempts.

Coach Greg Scharer congratulated the Falcons for their win, knowing the team’s ability to make it to the playoff season. The Longhorns finished in fifth place and were just short of making it to the playoffs.

“We played man-to-man the whole game,” he said. “Turnovers led to transition points for them.”

The season is now over for the Longhorns. However, Scharer is looking forward to next season and the potential the Longhorns have to build and grow as a team. There are 21 freshmen playing in this season of Longhorn basketball. Three of them are on the varsity team and some are also on the junior varsity team.

“Hopefully we’re building something with the freshman class,” said Scharer.

Scharer also congratulates his team for a hard fought season and can’t wait to see what his returning players will bring for the 2018-2019 season. Scharer also says he is looking forward to the new district for the Longhorns as well.

“I’m sad to see the seniors go but on the other hand I’m pleased at having all of the younger kids back,” he said. “I’m pleased with the youth we’ve got coming.”