Resolution for hiring procedures for courthouse security accepted

December 5, 2017 GMT

A resolution regarding hiring procedures for uniformed security for the courthouse was brought to the Lincoln County Commissioners by the security committee Monday.

Before approval, some of the language in the resolution needed to be modified. Commissioner Joe Hewgley and deputy county attorney Joe Wright spoke at length about these changes.

Wright said he found several cases of “excessive language that’s unnecessary” to the resolution. “I’m trying to remove that,” he said.

Some terms were also altered, such as the use of the word “bid” versus “proposal.” Hewgley was firm that these changes need to be made throughout the resolution to be totally clear.

“If it’s changed in one part, it should be changed in every part,” Hewgley said.

A modified version of the resolution was accepted.

In other business:

» The board approved $127,493 in funds for the community-based juvenile services aid grant, and $51,608 for the juvenile services enhancement grant.

» Commissioners signed a contract with Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises for work on the Wellfleet Lake Bridge guardrail project.

» Chairman Bill Henry was authorized to sign a right of way application for Tim Fear.

» The board will enter into an agreement with Martin Troshynski for legal services including the role of conflict attorney in juvenile, mental health, paternity and child support contempt matters.

» The Lincoln County Board of Equalization approved motor vehicle tax exemptions for six vehicles, two to be used by churches for religious purposes and four by the Region 2 Health and Human Services Department to transport clients.