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Party Celebrates 200 Years of British-U.S. Ties

June 17, 1985

MILTON, Mass. (AP) _ The British consul wore a red coat and a great-great-great-great grandson of John Adams wore black for a re-enactment of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the Court of St. James and the former colonies.

About 400 people - half of them British - marked the event Sunday with a garden party sponsored by the English-speaking Union, which sponsors scholarships and programs to promote American-British ties.

It was on June 1, 1785, that Great Britain and the new United States of America established diplomatic ties. John Adams, first American minister to Britain, presented his creditials to King George III.

David Burns, British consul-general in Boston, wore a sword and a brass- buttoned, red-tailcoated replica of a British general’s uniform to portray George III.

John Adams, 44, wore black britches, waistcoat, tails and white stockings to imitate his famous ancestor.

The guests dined on 100 pounds of English strawberries, 40 pounds of heavy cream from Devon and Cornwall, British tea biscuits and champagne.

″Who else but the British Consulate and the English-Speaking Union would have fresh strawberries and Devon cream flown in from Great Britain?,″ asked Betsy Currier, administrative director of the Boston chapter of the English- Speaking Union.

Guests toasted both Queen Elizabeth II and President Reagan.

Adams said the actual presenting of credentials 200 years earlier ″was more of a ceremonial thing....″

″But John Adams found this an extraordinarily moving experience. He felt strongly that America and Great Britain’s cultures were similar and should be united, and that the majority of the English people didn’t want the war, and that friendly relations should be assumed as quickly as possible.″

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