Ed Gillespie unveils final ad of Virginia gubernatorial campaign

October 31, 2017 GMT

Republican Ed Gillespie on Tuesday rolled out his final television ad in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, vowing to revive the state’s sluggish economy and asking voters for their support in his race against Democrat Ralph Northam.

“Virginia is 39th out of 50 states in economic growth, and 44th in wage growth,” Mr. Gillespie says in the spot. “Virginia, for the first time ever more people are moving out of our Commonwealth than into it, but Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam thinks we are doing great.”

“I think we should be first in the nation in economic growth and job creation, and my plan will get us there,” he says in his ad.

Mr. Gillespie and Mr. Northam have painted vastly different pictures of the state’s overall economic health throughout the campaign.

Mr. Gillespie has pledged to push an across-the-board income tax cut that he says would spur economic growth and create more than 50,000 private sector jobs over four years.

Mr. Northam has a 3 percent lead in the Real Clear Politics average of polls though both men have led in recent surveys, making the race hard to handicap.