Dear Gov. Lamont, please legalize marijuana

November 11, 2018 GMT

I want to congratulate Ned Lamont on his election as our new governor. His first order of business is dealing with the state’s budget shortfall. My modest proposal is for the state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. A few points:

1) Alcohol, a legal drug, killed more than 2,000 Connecticut residents last year. This represents direct effects of alcohol use, and does not include thousands of drunken driving deaths. In conversations I have had with recovering addicts, they were unanimous in stating that alcohol is the gateway drug to cocaine and heroin, not pot.

2) No one ever died of a pot overdose.


3) Marijuana is now legal in 33 states, including Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.

4) Every state that has legalized pot has a budget surplus and has not had to raise taxes.

5) Based on our population, we could expect revenue from marijuana sales to be nearly $250 million annually.

This is a no-brainer. Governor Lamont, please make this happen.

James S. Mellett

New Fairfield