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TC Line: Police Notes

January 2, 2019 GMT

Police notes

Thanks to the Times-Call for the police notes for 2018. There’s usually one that’s pretty funny. There are lot of lot of losers in Longmont. It’s too bad we can’t do like Wyatt Earp did in the old days. When these unsavory people were caught, he would run them out of town and not allow them back into town. I guess we can’t run these people out of town permanently, can we. Anyway, thanks again for the police notes. They’re really funny sometimes.

Russian agents?

Some of the call-ins lately make me wonder if they’re not coming from Russian agents. Otherwise maybe they would be concerned that Trump goes to a war zone and lies to our troops about not having had raises and promising a raise that’s four times what’s been agreed upon.


Caller correction

This is about fed pay freeze. ... This is a call I called in yesterday, but I just fact-checked that, and actually former President Obama did freeze federal workers pay two or three times at least. ... Not everyone is right all the time, including this man.

In with the new

(I’m) loving the editorial cartoon on New Year’s Eve, with the old man with the (scythe). (It) describes so many of the TC callers. And the new 2019 drone heading off into the ozone, which describes some other callers to the TC Line. I vote for the drone, and get rid of the old (scythe).

Thank you

I’d like to thank the people in the parking lot and the patrons that came out of Red Lobster the Friday after Christmas that helped my wife get her elderly friend into the restaurant safely. It was greatly appreciated.

Pelosi and Schumer

Let’s see. Pelosi and Schumer are trying to stop a ... wannabe petty dictator from wasting billions of dollars of Americans’ money on a pipe-dream wall that will do what?. They sound like heroes to me.

My resolution

My New Year’s resolution is to help to heal my sick nation, including to overcome our addiction to borrowed prosperity, to kick the habit of sensationalist propagandist media sources when verifiable fact-based media is at our fingertips, and to overcome the primitive pre-programmed of powerful, positive female leadership. Females are loving, giving nurturers.

Both ways

I think it odd that people can feel angry that the bankers who brought on the great recession of 2008 did not get jail time. And they can be so upset over what was done by the Obama administration to keep the economy out of a bigger black hole. Only ignorance can construct the idea that you can have it both ways.

$5 billion

So Trump ask for $5 billion for his wall. Where is this money going to come from anyway? And if they can come up with that, why don’t they put it toward health care, homelessness, a whole lot of other things they could.