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Brunch and Shakespeare for Clintons

December 27, 1998

WASHINGTON (AP) _ After spending Christmas in the confines of the White House, President Clinton ventured out Sunday with his family for brunch and an afternoon of Shakespeare.

Clinton, his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea attended services at Foundry United Methodist Church. Mrs. Clinton, who has been nursing an aggravated back muscle, navigated the church’s steps slowly while Clinton, his hand on her back, helped her to and from the building.

At church, the Clintons heard the Rev. Walter Shropshire deliver a sermon on the differences between expectations and reality. Then they headed over to the city’s Chinatown section for brunch at the Golden Palace restaurant.

The first family took a short walk through Chinatown with Golden Palace owner Yeni Wong, delighting small clusters of tourists who cheered and rushed over to meet Clinton as he and Chelsea ducked into a Starbucks for coffee.

Afterwards, the Clintons went to the Shakespeare Theatre to see a production of ``Twelfth Night.″

The president returns to work on Monday. At mid-week, he and his family will travel to South Carolina for the annual Renaissance Weekend, returning to Washington on New Year’s Day.