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MetroNet starting work

May 16, 2019 GMT

MetroNet, Rochester’s newest cable franchisee, is set to start installing needed infrastructure, with work beginning in Northeast Rochester.

Residents who may be affected by the work are being notified through mailings and neighborhood markers when MetroNet crews plan to start installing fiber in the area.

As a part of the Evansville, Ind.-based company’s franchise agreement, it must provide service that covers 80 percent of the city’s dwelling units within five years.

City officials have noted parking lanes and sidewalks are likely to be closed to complete some of the work, with signs expected to be posted 24 hours before work will begin.


Jenna Bowman, the city’s communications and engagement manager, said MetroNet plans to open a retail storefront to meet customer service needs, as well as provide information regarding services that will be available in Rochester.

Updates on construction activity are available on the company’s construction webpage, construction.metronetinc.com.