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Study: South Carolina among top states for potential growth of solar power

January 2, 2019

South Carolina’s current solar power capacity could grow “elevenfold” if solar panels are installed in all newly-built homes across the state, according to a press release from the Go Solar Campaign.

These results are based on a study conducted by the Environment America Research and Policy Center, a nonprofit group dedicated to environmental protection.

If solar panels are installed in all newly built South Carolina homes, the state’s carbon emissions could decrease 7.2 percent by 2045, according to the study.

“We can have solar-powered communities right now and for years to come with smart policy choices,” said Go Solar Campaign Director with Environment America Research & Policy Center Brett Fanshaw in the press release. “And the most efficient time to install solar panels is when workers are already on the roof.”

Some states are looking into incorporating alternative energy sources into construction after California became the first state to make solar panels a requirement in most newly built homes.

This addition to the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards of the California Energy Commission is, in part, designed to protect homeowners from air pollution. It is also expected to save homeowners thousands of dollars by improving energy efficiency, while significantly increasing the price tag on some homes.

The requirements will come into effect in 2020 in California.

If other states adopt similar policies, the ones that stand to increase their solar energy capacity the most are Texas, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina.

To learn more about the Environment America Research of Policy Center, visit environmentamericacenter.org.

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