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Woman chosen to receive smile makeover

March 1, 2019

CHARLESTON — A 36-yearold mother of two living with only six teeth was announced Wednesday, Feb. 26, as Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery’s Second Chance program recipient.

Ashley Turley, of Huntington, will receive a smile makeover worth $50,000 free of charge. The Second Chance program, now in its second year, offers the community a month-long opportunity to submit applications to the oral surgeons that describe their poor oral health and the daily challenges they face due to their missing and deteriorating teeth. Each year, one person is selected to receive full-arch restoration, a procedure that relies on a dental implant-based foundation to support transitional fixed bridges designed to restore an entire arch of teeth, resulting in a brand-new smile.

Gradually, one tooth after another started to break and fall out over the last 10 years, quickly causing Turley to lose all of the teeth on her top arch with only six teeth remaining on her bottom arch. When the bubbly, outgoing hairdresser isn’t constantly gluing in her dentures that only temporarily

help boost her confidence at work, she’s at home taking care of her two kids. Every paycheck she receives goes towards providing a good and healthy life for her children, not leaving much for herself. Her dream would be to use her dual degrees as a dental assistant and nursing aid to work in the medical field, something she’s always wanted to pursue, but she is too self-conscious of her smile and teeth.

“My confidence level is not what it used to be,” Turley said, “and it’s hard to be myself in front of clients when I feel self-conscious. My family was my driving force to apply for this program because they want me to be happy and confident again. My husband and I don’t go on dates or out to eat anymore because I’m embarrassed. I also want my kids to feel like they have their mom back.”

Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery is partnering with restorative dentist Dr. Douglas Florence out of Parkersburg and Straumann Dental Implant Company to complete the procedure.

“In a smile makeover, for Ashley and all of my patients, every facet of the patient’s oral health and appearance are taken into consideration to achieve the best personalized treatment plan,” said Dr. John Brock, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery. “I feel lucky that my line of work allows me to help change lives by improving smiles, and I’mexcited to watch Ashley transform throughout this process.”

To learn more about Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery and the Second Chance program, visit: https://www.mtstateoms.com.