Take penguin lessons if you don’t want to break your neck

January 31, 2019

OK, this is serious. It sounds like a trick to make you do something stupid while hidden cameras record it all, but it’s not. Honestly. There are no hidden cameras.

Walk like a penguin.

It’s cold out there, campers, more than cold enough to freeze any water that just might be underfoot. Assuming you don’t want to collect on any personal injury lawsuit, the best way to keep yourself from slipping on the ice is to do your best penguin impression.

How serious is this? Falls are the most common unintentional reason for a visit to the emergency room, ahead of car accidents. More than 34,600 people in the United States died from unintentional falls in 2015, according to the CDC.

That serious. And when it comes to ice, the best thing you can do -- aside from moving closer to the equator -- is to walk like a penguin.

This advice comes from the Red Cross itself, among other notable sources, including insurance companies, municipal health services and more.

So, what does it mean to “walk like a penguin?”

Point your feet out slightly.

Bend slightly and walk flat-footed

Take short, penguin leg-sized steps.

Keep your wings, er, hands out of your pockets and extended slightly for better balance.

Eat more fish (always good advice).

Of course, wear shoes with good traction on any icy areas and, if you do fall, try to land on your side or your butt, as opposed to your knees.

Jordan Fenster is digital products editor for Hearst Connecticut Media. Jordan.fenster@hearstmediact.com