Dueling DFSers: Week 1 brings loads of value

September 8, 2017 GMT

PHERSY: Nate Dogg! We’re back, baby! Now, sadly, I’ve been quite focused on DFS golf. And DFS baseball. And my family and running the sports department. ... Wait, do I really have time for all this? The answer is no, so my research going into the DFS football season has been lacking. It’s time to crank it up, though. I started digging deep into rosters this week, and, boy, I love the early season value across the board. Take advantage of these prices while you can. Let’s get after it right away Nate and offer up our must plays of the week.


PHERSY: Nate, I’m going off the grid a bit right out of the gate this season, and I’m naming Doug Baldwin my must-play of the week. Baldwin is just $6,700, and he’s playing the Packers who ranked dead last in the NFL last season in wide receiver points allowed and passing yards allowed. The Seahawks threw a lot of deep balls in the preseason, and with Marshawn Lynch gone, I expect that to continue. Fire up Baldwin and enjoy the points.

NATE DOGG: Well, it’s definitely good to be back. But, knowing our readers, it’s not good for my wallet, considering I believe I gave away my Nate bucks far more often than I scooped my way. Opening week of NFL is where all of us think we know more than what we actually do — but for me, that’s generally all the time. In Week 1, I generally take this opportunity to do what I believe is more contrarian. That leaves me getting Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy ($8,200) in almost all of my lineups. He’s still a stud, is facing the woeful Jets and with his price will be dramatically less owned than the chalk options of David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell.


PHERSY: Fair enough, but the Bills’ front office loves losing games, so I’m not holding my breath ... or paying up for Shady. Nate Dogg, as my cheap play of the week, I’m going with Brandon Marshall ($5,100). He’s with the Giants now, and it sounds like Odell Beckham Jr. may not play this week. Marshall has been banged up himself, but he’s practiced all week. The Giants open with the Cowboys, who allowed 264 passing yards per game last season. I like Marshall’s chances at a big game.

NATE DOGG: Marshall certainly has the upside to far outproduce that tag, but I’ll see your Marshall and raise a $4,200 Ted Ginn. To quote the late Amy Winehouse, “They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no.” Well, y’all should be trying to make me to go to rehab because I clearly can’t kick the drug that is Ginn. I’m still yelling no, no, no. Ginn gets some guy named Drew Brees to throw him the ball. Ever heard of him? Well, he’s no stranger to taking a shot deep, and Ginn’s best attribute is his speed, so a couple of deep balls could turn into DFS gold. For a guy with slate-breaking ability, I’ll take my chances at $4,200.


PHERSY: Yes, Ginn could have one catch for 60 yards and a touchdown. At that price, I guess it’s acceptable; however, I think you’ll need more to make money in Week 1. Nate Dogg, I’ll be avoiding Le’Veon Bell this week, and his massive $9,800 price tag. Bell is amazing, no doubt, but he just returned to practice this week after holding out. He’s a supreme athlete playing against the Browns, but I just can’t pay THAT much for a guy who didn’t practice in the preseason. Bell could have a solid game, but I don’t think he’ll be worth nearly 10K of my Week 1 salary.

NATE DOGG: My fade and I have one thing in common — we’re both returning to the game after stepping away. That said, Oakland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch ($5,300) will make up a whopping 0 percent of my rostered players this week. Let me tell you, after even a much shorter layoff than Lynch had, I’m WAY out of shape coming into Week 1. I doubt Lynch comes in and receives the lion’s share of the work in the Oakland backfield. My suggestion, fade Lynch; but jam in Skittles.


PHERSY: The contest is back again this season. Each week, Nate Dogg and I create a contest on DraftKings, and you’re all invited. Jump in and take our money. We don’t mind. If you’re on DraftKings, search for my username (phersy123) or hit me up on Twitter or email and ask for an invite. It’s just $10, with five places paid out. Good luck to everyone this season!