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Michigan killer leads police to wife’s remains in exchange for Xbox

October 24, 2018 GMT

Michigan killer leads police to wife’s remains in exchange for Xbox

WAKESHMA TOWNSHIP, Michigan — A man convicted seven years ago for the murder of his estranged wife finally led authorities to her buried remains, agreeing to show them if they provided Xbox video game systems in prison.

The remains of Venus Stewart were found Monday in a 5-foot-deep hole in a wooded area in Wakeshma Township after Doug Stewart led investigators to the location, mlive.com reports.

Medical anthropologists at Western Michigan University confirmed the identity of the remains.

“He really showed no emotion — he was pretty matter-of-fact,” St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough tells the Detroit Free Press. “He walked the detectives right to where it was and there it was.”

The burial site was about 15 minutes from where the home of Venus Stewart’s parents, where police believe the murder occurred.

According to mlive, Doug Stewart had denied killing his wife until Oct. 12, when he admitted guilt to authorities. 

As part of the deal to lead officials to the body, Michigan Department of Corrections is adding three Xbox consoles to the veterans unit at the Saginaw Correctional Facility, mlive.com reports. Inmates must get permission to use the systems, which will not be connected to the internet, for 30 minutes per day.

Stewart will be allowed to train dogs while in prison and also will teach a class.

“The truth is, without his cooperation and pointing out the location to us, we wouldn’t have found it any other way,” Michigan State Police Detective First Lt. Chuck Christensen tells mlive.com.

Police Det. Sgt. Todd Petersen tells the Free Press that Stewart can lose his new privileges.

“The minute Doug Stewart doesn’t do what he’s supposed to as a prisoner ... those things can be taken away by the prison instantly,” Petersen said.

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