LOS ANGELES (AP) — One traveler says he was at a Starbucks in Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles airport this morning when he heard gunfire erupt.

Ben Rosen says he saw people start running in all directions, and others crouching on the ground. He got on the ground as well -- and then more gunshots erupted. He says police arrived with guns drawn, and told everyone to put their hands up. They were then led into another terminal.

Rosen says as they were led out, they saw broken glass from a window that looked like it had been shot out.

When this morning's shooting began, some passengers who already had cleared security rushed onto the tarmac, while others were locked down in airport restaurants and lounges.

An air traffic controller says his colleagues in the control tower saw passengers spilling from the terminal onto the tarmac, "getting out as fast as they could."

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154-a-07-(Natalie Morin (MOR'-ihn), student who was heading to San Francisco for a graduate school interview, in AP interview)-"it was going"-Natalie Morin, who was in another terminal when the shooting happened, says at first she had no idea why panicky people were flooding into her terminal. (1 Nov 2013)

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143-a-13-(Tom, passenger who heard shots at LAX, in interview)-"to the tarmac"-This passenger says airport staff cleared the terminals. COURTESY: KNBC-TV ((mandatory on-air credit)) (1 Nov 2013)

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142-a-14-(Tom, passenger who heard shots at LAX, in interview)-"some more shots"-This passenger at LAX says he heard popping sounds when he was in the Virgin America terminal. COURTESY: KNBC-TV ((mandatory on-air credit)) (1 Nov 2013)

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GRAPHICSBANK: SHOOTING lettering with crosshairs over LAX Los Angeles World Airports logo, finished graphic (1 Nov 2013)

APPHOTO CARS106: Passengers evacuated from Terminal 1 wait outside Los Angeles International Airport on Friday Nov. 1, 2013. Shots were fired Friday at Los Angeles International Airport, prompting authorities to evacuate a terminal and stop flights headed for the city from taking off from other airports. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon) (1 Nov 2013)

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