A Novel Idea

May 16, 2018 GMT

A woman in Toronto was both confused and entertained on Wednesday when she came across an elevator at a subway station reading a novel.

The commuter, Michelle, recorded video of the talking elevator and tweeted about it, letting the Toronto Transit Commission know its elevator was “reading a novel or something.”

About seven minutes later, Michelle had received a tweet back from the TTC, which seemed to be just as confused and curious as Michelle.

“The elevator is reading a novel? You’ll have to give me a little more context, this sounds interesting!” the TTC Customer Service wrote.

With a little help from other Twitter users, the mystery was solved. It turned out Dan Brown’s Inferno was being fed over the intercom, which was accidentally left on when a transit worker started listening to the audiobook.

Toronto Transit Commission Customer tweeting the situation was resolved after getting in touch with the lead demon in the area and discovering “a ghost was taking a break near an intercom speaker and left a switch flipped.”