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Paying homage to the business model

September 7, 2018

Two articles in Sunday’s The News-Times (Sept. 2) caught my eye. One by Reporter Zach Murdoch asserted that 40,000, or 40 percent of households in the state qualify as, “United Way asset-limited, income constrained and employed — or ALICE — households.” In the other, Columnist Ken Dixon observed that Bob Stefanowski and Ned Lamont, both millionaires, “have more in common with each other than they do with people nearly anywhere else but certain enclaves that we can all name,” i.e. many located in Fairfield County.

Stefanowski has an ideology offering “the glories of the tax-slashing supply-side, not mentioning the chaos it caused in Kansas.” An ideology is supposed to find validity in what happens, not pick and choose facts, even create false facts, consistent with the ideology.

Even Lamont so far is emphasizing cutting property taxes and “reasoning together” with corporate executives about to take their operations outside the state. We must, of course, make Connecticut safe for the super rich.

Both Stefanowski and Lamont represent the “business model.” Businessmen have to “meet the bottom line.” Be efficient, cut costs, meaning lay-off workers; cut wages and benefits; outsource. They have to keep prices down to meet the competition. What competition is that? Most big corporations dominate their markets, which means emasculating anti-trust enforcement. Every businessman seeks monopoly. In many cases governments are their major customers, friendly governments ensured through heavy lobbying and campaign contributions.

Donald Trump cashes in on the generally favorable view of the business model held by Americans cultivated through centuries of brainwashing. How much do Stefanowski and Lamont identify with the Trump version of the business man?

Oh, I forgot the bit about every successful businessman being the creator of his/her own success by personal talent and hard work. Never a bit of good fortune nor preferential treatment. No way.

Daniel C. Hudson