Commission wants Navy to protect clam flats from pollutants

November 13, 2019 GMT

HARPSWELL, Maine (AP) — A Maine town wants the Navy to protect the clam flats as part of its remediation plan for the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

The Harpswell Conservation Commission has argued the stormwater system that brings water from ponds at the former Navy base to Mare Brook and Harpswell Cove should be extended.

The commission told the environmental coordinator for the closure process that the Navy has an obligation to investigate the impact of the stormwater system.

The Times Record reports that an investigation of the pond system had found several heavy metals including lead, arsenic and cadmium that could potentially reach nearby clam flats.

Paul Plummer, Harpswell’s harbormaster, says the Harpswell side of the Harpswell Cove alone holds $100,000 worth in shellfish.