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Tricks for a purrrfect holiday for Nebraskans with pets

December 16, 2018

OMAHA - Not all living in homes in Nebraska are enjoying the holidays. Many pets would prefer to skip it all together.

Arden Moore is a pet health and safety coach and says look for these signs for a stressed out pet.

Moore says, “If the dog is lip licking, whining, pawing or piddling in the house or the cat is over grooming themselves, these are signs they are not having a jolly good time this holiday season. Some of the triggers are doorbells ringing because there are deliveries and friends coming over and house guests and strange things in the house that shimmer shine and blink.”

There are things Nebraska pet owners should do to help out their companions. Moore says, “Don’t skip that daily walk with your dog. Exercising a dog is really good to keep them tired and happy. Playing with your cat five or ten minutes a day with a feather wand toy or other things is a great way to have your cat engaged. You can do food puzzles because that brings out their inner hunter and keeps them occupied on something else beside the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

If your pet is really stressing out, talk to your veterinarian about medications to help them ease through the season. Besides medications, Moore says there are pet chews that promote relaxation without causing drowsiness. There are also pet pheromone sprays and diffusers that are especially effective for cats.

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