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Christine and the Queens found Rihanna song rejection ‘validating’

May 10, 2019 GMT

Christine and the Queens found it “validating” to have her song rejected by Rihanna.

The ‘Titled’ hitmaker has revealed she penned a track about “sending nudes” for the R&B pop superstar after her team got in contact with her management.

And, although she thinks Rihanna was “too fierce” for the “feeble love song”, she is “down with” being rejected if she is “not worthy”.

She told TimeOut London: “My team were like ‘Rihanna is searching for you.’

“I was like, ‘What?!’ Then I wrote something but of course she didn’t take it, because I think it was really sad and depressing!

“Actually I love the song but I think it was too weak for her, it’s transparent skin, weak, feeble love song.

“It was about sending nudes. I liked the song but I think she’s too fierce for it.

“It’s okay to be rejected by Rihanna, I’m down with that. It was validating in a way, I was like, ‘Yes, reject me - I’m not worthy!’”

Christine also applauded her idol Madonna, who she was spanked on stage by as a fan at one of her gigs and even went on to duet with the ‘Like A Virgin’ in 2016, for being the only female artist who has a “threatening” “godly” presence “but owns it”.

The 30-year-old singer - whose real name is Heloise Letissier - says that it’s “rare” to find a woman in the industry who is “smart and badass” and still “powerful” without being “cute”.

On performing with the Queen of Pop, who she was happy “surrendering” to, Christine said: “I didn’t even know if Madonna was human or in a godly form.

“I surrendered to her.

“When I was on stage with her what I noticed was the charisma. But it’s really a dominant thing - you have to submit. Also as a feminist I was fascinated, I was like oh my god she’s going to eat us all. We love it. She’s actually I think the only woman in this industry that is threatening but owns it and people love it.

“I think it’s quite rare to achieve as a woman because we’re often mean to feel sorry for it or be cute - be powerful but cute.

“And then I watched a lot of documentaries and interviews with her and she’s really smart and badass.”

The ‘Saint Claude’ hitmaker also admitted that she feels “depressed” that not much has changed in over 20 years, and that Madonna’s 1992 LP ‘Erotica’ would still be deemed “scandalous” now.

She continued: “For example, ‘Erotica’ today would still be scandalous.

“So it also makes me depressed because I’m like things are not changing. But it was quite ... I don’t know I was surrendering to Madonna. It feels good. It feels amazing.”