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September 25, 2018

At Nanticoke Area, Talli Ormes and Amiah Lukowski both scored in the second half to rally the Trojanettes past GAR, 2-1 on Monday.

FIRST HALF: Vanessa Luna (GAR) unassisted 38:00. SECOND HALF: Talli Ormes (Nan) from Amiah Lukowski 72:00; Lukowski (Nan) unassisted 80:00.

SHOTS: GAR 5, Nan 14. CORNERS: GAR 4, Nan 6. SAVES: GAR 6 (Rosy Sosa), Nan 3 (Kaleah Moran).


Holy Redeemer 13, Hanover Area 0

At Hanover Area, Annie Bagnall and Kasey Danko both had four goals to lead Holy Redeemer.

FIRST HALF: Kasey Danko (HR) unassisted 36:59; Annie Bagnall (HR) from Elizabeth Kravitz 36:00; Grace Wolsieffer (HR) from Danko 34:30; Gaby Drevitch (HR) from Wolsiffer 31:00; Danko (HR) from Aimee Makowski 27:20; Bagnall (HR) from Carly Cavanaugh 23:00; Danko (HR) unassisted 22:22; Drevitch (HR) from Danko 7:00; Bagnall (HR) from Kalie Quaglia 6:51. SECOND HALF: Danko (HR) from Cavanaugh 31:00; Cavanaugh (HR) penalty kick 29:00; Bagnall (HR) from Quaglia 28:50; Drevitch (HR) from Wolsieffer 28:16.

SHOTS: HR 17, Han 2. CORNERS: HR 10, Han 2. SAVES: HR 0 (Marie Lombardi), Han 10 (Abby Thompson).


Crestwood 5, Valley West 0

At Crestwood, Melissa Herrera paced the Comets with a hat trick in the victory.

FIRST HALF: Chyanne Cook (Cre) from Bella Termini 20:10; Melissa Herrera (Cre) unassisted 15:06; Herrera (Cre) unassisted 6:43; Nina Atie (Cre) 0:04. SECOND HALF: Herrera (Cre) unassisted 5:11.

SHOTS: VW 5, Cre 20. CORNERS: VW 2, Cre 4. SAVES: VW 6 (Emma Grimes), Cre 3 (Cortney Dushanko).


Coughlin 4, Pittston Area 1

Krystal Haertter and Esa Mendola both scored twice to propel Coughlin to a home victory.

FIRST HALF: Gia Innamorati (PA) from Mia Snyder 22:43; Krystal Haertter (Cou) from Emilia Serpico 32:39. SECOND HALF: Haertter (Cou) from Allyse Filipowich 67:22; Esa Mendola (Cou) from Mya Corcoran 75:20; Mendola (Cou) from Ryleigh Kopiak 79:08.

SHOTS: PA 7, Cou 15. CORNERS: PA 0, Cou 3.


Dallas 9, Hazleton Area 0

At Dallas, Ali Francis scored Dallas’ first five goals and added two assists, helping the Mountaineers coast to a win.


FIRST HALF: Ali Francis (Dal) from Kanisha Cheshire, 27:46; Francis (Dal) from Emma Sweitzer, 25:15; Francis (Dal) from Christina Schappert, 22:31; Francis (Dal) from Sweitzer, 20:44. SECOND HALF: Francis (Dal) PK, 30:48; Olivia Delevan (Dal) from Francis, 30:30; Sweitzer (Dal) from Francis, 22:34; Sweitzer (Dal) from Haley Habrack, 28:23; Kaitlyn Conrad (Dal) from Daniella Pace, 4:43.

SHOTS: Dal 26, Haz 7. CORNERS: Dal 3, Haz 3. SAVES: Dal (Jensen Meade, Morgan Solano) 7, Haz (Holly Buchman) 13.


Berwick 3, Tunkhannock 0

At Berwick, Maddison Coolbaugh, Emma Colone and Abby Seely each scored goals in a Bulldogs victory.

Alexis Farber, the goalkeeper for Tunkhannock, made 16 saves.

FIRST HALF: Maddison Coolbaugh (Ber) from Abby Seely, 36:00; Emma Colone (Ber) from Emily Ouimet, 34:00. SECOND HALF: Seely (Ber) from Leighton Force, 25:00.

Shots: Ber 22, Tunk 2. Corners: Ber 12, Tunk 1. Saves: Ber (Jayden Michaels) 2, Tunk (Alexis Farber) 16.