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Who Is Rue?

March 30, 2019 GMT

Whitney, Ty, and Smudge. I called them “the perfect pack.” Because they were. If they could have lived forever, I would have been deliriously happy and grateful. But, of course, nothing lasts forever. When I lost both Whitney and Ty the same week last year, there are no words to describe the devastating pain I felt. And Smudge’s anxiety was at an all-time high. Whitney and Ty had been there for Smudge’s entire life. Smudge always loved patrolling the yard, and he did not even want to go out there anymore. Of course, you cannot replace a beloved pet, but there is always the love in your heart to give another. I began a search for another Cairn Terrier. I typically have had two, and when I acquired Swayze, it was a blessing for me and Smudge. I knew that in time, I wanted to have another Aussie as well, and I slowly began to search for a potential adult to complete the Endo pack once again. Aussie web searching I began browsing on the Australian Shepherd Furever website. This national rescue group is based in California but has dogs all over the country. One day, I surprisingly saw a puppy that was being fostered in Danville, Pa. I was not interested in a puppy, or a female, but thought I would inquire about her since she was so close. The representative of the rescue group on the east coast, living in Vermont, contacted me to say that this puppy had been adopted, but she had a BEAUTIFUL puppy coming into their rescue that was 10 weeks old. She sent pictures of this puppy, and my heart melted. The rest is history. Revisiting childhood memories But let me back up and tell you why this particular puppy had such an impact on me. When I was a child, I was constantly asking for a dog, something my mother and father did not want. We always had cats, but a dog required more responsibility. I repeatedly promised my mother that I would feed, walk, and clean up after the dog, cross my heart! Well, a 6-year-old’s promises do not always have much merit. In any case, one day, my mother brought home a 6-week-old old puppy. I know now that this little guy had Border Collie in him. I named him Lucky. At 6 years old, I had no clue how to train a dog. But little Lucky was so brilliant that in the short time I had him I must have taught this little guy 25 tricks! My family would gather in the living room, and I would proudly put him through his routine, much to their delight. Yes, in the short time that I had Lucky. My interest waned, and I began shirking my responsibilities with Lucky. Many of these chores began to fall on my mother, which is what she did not want and had feared would happen. I would become very annoyed when pushed to care for him. And, I am ashamed to say, there were times when I was not even nice to Lucky. I know I was a child, but my actions and indifference haunt me to this day. Ultimately, my mother got rid of Lucky, saying she had “rehomed” him. I have no idea where my Mom acquired Lucky, nor do I know for a fact what happened to him. This memory greatly disturbs me, and I will never forget this wonderful little dog. In the here and now Returning to the present, when I saw the pictures of this little pup they called Sparks, I was amazed to see how much he resembled my former dog, Lucky. Hence, my heart melted. I filled out an application and was approved. Problem was that Rue was in Oklahoma. I was assured that Sparks could be transported to Pennsylvania with other rescues. There are many wonderful rescue stories, and Sparks is one. One day, a foster Mom was driving her Aussie to a vet appointment when she saw an animal on the side of the road. She was on a six-lane expressway and believed it to be a dead skunk. As her car approached, she saw it move and then thought it was a kitten. Being the animal lover she is, she had to get turned around and return to the injured animal, thinking how crazy it would be for her to be chasing a kitten on a six-lane expressway. When she returned and approached the animal, which was nearly on the roadway, she then realized that it was a VERY young puppy, approximately 6 weeks old. The baby was terrified, and it did not move as she snatched it up and put it into her car. Rescued, and then ... In examining the puppy at the vet’s, it was discovered that he had a puncture on the top of his head that had become badly infected. The vet was guessing that a coyote may have grabbed the puppy and then dropped it when it became startled by the traffic. So little Sparks came to the foster home and was put into Aussie rescue. In approximately one month, Rue was on the transport truck making his three day journey to Pennsylvania. I picked him up in Allentown yesterday, and he has happily and easily moved into the Endo household. Swayze LOVES having a baby brother to play with. Smudge is a bit aloof and a little grumpy. But overall, things are going very well. Rue is exhibiting the smarts of an Aussie and Border Collie, and I am anticipating he will be a fun dog to train. It’s all in the name Oh yes, his name is “Rue.” In French, Rue means street or thoroughfare. And he was discovered on the side of an expressway. But in English, Rue means “ extremely remorseful.” And those are my exact feelings remembering my puppy of long ago. So Rue is the perfect name. I plan to register him with AKC so I can participate in some performance sports. His registered name will be “Lucky’s Legacy”, and his call name will be Rue! Swayze will be one year old on April 2. So here I am again, with another puppy! Lots of pee and poop, crying, smells ... and puppy fuzz fur and puppy breath! Rue is happy, happy, happy, friendly, outgoing, and smart-as-a-whip. He has lovely markings and an adorable corkscrew tail. I have no idea how this adorable little being ended up on an expressway, but the most important thing is that we found our way to each other through divine intervention, I believe. I am always grateful for each beloved pet that I have been blessed with. They enhance my life on a daily basis and give me their undivided love and support, during the best of times and the worst of times. They are my family and my joy and have made me a more patient and compassionate person than I ever might have been. Rue had a very rough start at such a young age. He is truly a survivor, and I believe he is destined for great things. We are at the S.P.C.A. Expo in Kingston this weekend. I am at The Citizens’ Voice booth. I hope you will come and say hi, and maybe you just might get a chance to meet baby Rue! Completing the Endo pack trio. Dog bless. Judy Endo writes about pets. Contact her at judyendo@outlook.com.