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PREA hears from GREA’s Joe Boland during meeting

February 22, 2017

An “Evening with Authors” is planned for March 7

The Polk Retired Educators Association (PREA), returning from the Winter break, focused on the Country Store, which included all types of irresistible handmade items.

The brisk sales, as well as the $100 from the GREA for increased membership, went towards next year’s Recipient of the Polk County’s New Teacher Grant. This year’s grant was rewarded to Amie Lloyd, a 9th and 11th grade literature teacher at the Rockmart High School.

She received the Award at the February Board of Education meeting.

Ms. Gloria Sherfield, one of the founders of the Memorial Wall in Cedartown, requested donations, which at the present totals $5,000.

The funds pay for the bricks that are placed on the wall, representing those deceased retired teachers from Polk County. PREA will donate $360 to the fund. Individuals who also wish to donate may telephone Ms. Sherfield.

Marian Williams, Betty Nelson, and Patty Rogers shared information concerning the Ferst Foundation, which meets the first Monday of each month at the Presbyterian Church in Cedartown. On March 7th, 7:00-9:00, there will be an “Evening with the Authors.” Anyone who needs more information should call one of the ladies mentioned.

Special Certificates, since it was the month of February, were given to those couples who have attended PREA together for many years: Linda and Dennis Blankenship, Susan and Dave Brown, Camelita and Rick Brown, Mary and John Callins, Charlene and Larry Talbert, Lynda and Guy Rutland and Belinda and Joe Boland.

Before lunch, Joan Billingsley, reminded us that it was Ground Hog’s Day. She referenced this to a reading from Numbers 8:25-26, wherein we are not required to go to sleep for a long period of time like the Ground Hog, but called to serve and share with others based on our past experiences.

Area XV Director, Joe Boland, from GREA shared news and comical reading, after which he commended PREA for their 10 percent increase in membership, as well as referring to them as a dynamic organization living up to the Numbers reading.

Mr. Boland pointed out that 53 percent of students say that they would not go into teaching as a career due to the lack of incentives, such as pensions, and/or some types of insurance benefits, which as of today, seem to be disappearing. He emphasized that PREA encourage others to stay in touch of the proceedings dealing with the future of public school teaching.

The March 2nd meeting for PREA will be at the Cedartown Golf and Country Club, Cedartown at 11:30 a.m.