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Lake Houston YMCA debuts $15 million post-Harvey renovations

March 19, 2019 GMT

Eighteen months later, the fun is back at the Lake Houston YMCA.

The facility reopened at 2420 W. Lake Houston Pkwy., Kingwood, after undergoing major renovations due to Hurricane Harvey on Saturday — two days earlier than what was told to attendees of the 2019 Bridge Fest running event.

Chris Butsch, Lake Houston YMCA’s executive director, said the $15-million renovation includes new facilities that members requested for cycling, dancing and turf-based exercising. Gym equipments that previously took over the basketball court are now at their rightful place upstairs, allowing members to build themselves while taking in the view.

Zumba classes were the highlight, Butsch noted.

“They enjoy the class, they enjoy the dancing,” he said.

Also in the upgraded facility is the prayer wall, daycare center and a pillar denoting how much water got in during the 2017 natural disaster.

“People really enjoy the new layout, the new areas. It’s a little bit more spacious and big wherever you get in,” Butsch said. “There’s been a lot of attendance. We’ve doubled, tripled our numbers on Saturday and Sunday thus far, so a lot of people are interested, a lot of people are excited.”

He also shared that there are still remaining upgrades — referred to as Phase III of the construction — such as the renovation of both the gymnasium and the administrative offices, a marquee upgrade and the inclusion of lighting features in the Spin Cycle studio.

“I can’t be more proud of the building and how it will help the YMCA multiply its impact this year and for many years to come,” he said in an email to YMCA supporters. “There will be a more formal ribbon cutting in the future once we have completed all construction. So please stay tuned for that, as we would be honored for you to join us.”

The formal ribbon-cutting event will happen late May, Butsch estimated. Until then, his team and him will monitor the feedback from members.

“We have people who’ve stuck with us through all the stuff we’ve been through,” he added. “We’re glad to get the building back for them.”