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Billy Nelson, Country Singer’s Son, Hangs Himself

December 26, 1991 GMT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ Billy Nelson, the son of country singer Willie Nelson, hanged himself with a cord in his home, authorities said. He was 33.

A friend found the body Wednesday and Medical Examiner Dr. Charles Harlan ruled the death a suicide.

Willie Nelson was in Abbott, Texas, when told of his son’s death, police said. A spokeswoman, Evelyn Shriver, said Thursday he ″is very sad and trying to deal with it.″

Billy Nelson, the singer’s son from his first marriage, underwent alcohol abuse treatment last year. His mother, Martha, was divorced from his father in 1963 and died two years ago.


″Willie was here in Nashville the week before last and spent some time with Billy, and everyone thought everything was fine,″ said Bonnie Garner, a spokeswoman for Nelson’s management company, Mark Rothbaum Associates.

″Willie’s a firm believer in reincarnation and all of that, you know, so that makes it easier to take,″ she said

Private funeral services were scheduled for Saturday in Texas.

Billy Nelson, who had been married once, had recorded a gospel record.