Man who police say hit deputy with car turns himself in

November 16, 2018 GMT

WYNNE, Ark. (AP) — A man in a legal fight with Little Rock police has turned himself in after being accused of hitting a sheriff’s deputy with a car while fleeing a courthouse in a separate case.

Roderick Talley surrendered to the Cross County Sheriff’s Office late Thursday, a day after he allegedly pushed a deputy inside the courthouse, fled the building and hit a second deputy with a rental car. The sheriff’s office said neither deputy was injured. The Wednesday hearing stemmed from a forgery felony arrest.


Talley’s lawyers dispute the sheriff’s narrative, saying Talley panicked after he was arrested for being late to the court hearing and fled in a car he had rented. A deputy attempted to stop him “by putting his hands and possibly his torso on the hood of the rental car,” and the deputy slid off the car as Talley turned to drive away, according to a statement from Talley’s attorneys Michael Laux and Ben Crump.

Talley’s attorneys are pursuing courthouse surveillance video.

The lawyers are representing Talley in a lawsuit stemming from a separate case involving Little Rock police. The lawsuit alleges police falsely accused Talley of selling cocaine so officers could obtain a “no knock” arrest warrant.

Officers said they saw an informant buy cocaine from Talley at his apartment, but video footage from Talley’s security system showed that the informant rang Talley’s doorbell and left after no one answered. Police then used explosives to blow open Talley’s door and arrest him.