Don’t blame Democrats for wall funds -- Don Foy

December 28, 2018

By demanding money so “his” border wall can be built, President Donald Trump is portraying himself as courageously delivering on a campaign promise.

Actually, he’s pulling a bait-and-switch deception. Back in campaign land, the wall was going to be made possible because Mexico was going to pay for it. That’s all gone now. You don’t hear Republican leadership asking about that these days. Now, they blame the Democrats for not letting Trump build his wall.

Imagine a reversal: Imagine a Democrat who gets elected president -- not just on the promise of health insurance for all, but on the promise that doctors would pay for it. Then, of course, the doctors couldn’t and wouldn’t pay for it, so the Democrats refuse a budget until it includes the money they need for their plan and then blame the Republicans for the shutdown.

No doubt we must reform our immigration law, streamline the path to citizenship, and have secure borders. But a wall will be expensive (massive cost overruns), ineffective (like the Maginot Line), and un-American, considering we’re a nation of immigrants.

Don Foy, La Farge

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