Letters To The Editor 8/4/2018

August 4, 2018 GMT

Ex-zookeeper honored

Editor: I applaud The Times-Tribune editorial “Fitting honor for dedicated public servant” in the July 28 edition.

I had the privilege of knowing George Lowry, former director of the zoo at Nay Aug Park, when I worked at the Everhart Museum as a science curator and associate director from 1960 through 1992. I always will remember the day he brought over two recently born lion cubs for a visit. Needless to say they were a smash hit among the people that were present.

Annually, we begged the city of Scranton and other funding sources for revenue to keep these institutions open, usually without much success. I am so happy George finally got some richly deserved credit for all his effort.


In reality, I must admit I’m a bit envious since my reward for 33 years of faithful service was a letter handed to me by a former director stating that I was being laid off for financial reasons, to be out by the end of the day and don’t take anything that didn’t belong to me.

I add my heartiest congratulations to my dear friend George for a long overdue honor.




Team assists library

Editor: Once again, members of the Valley View Cougars football team, under the guidance of coach George Howanitz, contributed their time and vehicles to move hundreds of boxes of books from the Valley Community Library to its summer book sale at the Valley View Elementary Center.

Once again, the boys completed this task cheerfully and courteously despite the huge amount of work and the multiple trips required. Coach Howanitz impresses upon his team the importance of giving back to the community. The library is one of the beneficiaries of this belief.

The coach and his team are assets not only to the Valley View School District but also to the communities they unselfishly serve. Our sincerest appreciation and gratitude go out to the coach and the team.




Last in his class

Editor: I wonder if I am the only graduate of the Central High School class of 1940 who is still alive.

I am 96 years old and would love to hear from any old classmates. They can write me at 1809 Probart St., Brevard, N.C. 28712.




Beware of ‘snowflakes’

Editor: Attorney General Jeff Sessions thinks colleges are turning out sanctimonious “snowflakes” instead of mature, well-informed people.


He’d better be careful what he wishes for. More young people are registering to vote and a more informed electorate could sweep many Republicans, including President Donald Trump, out of office.



ICE’s predecessors

Editor: I disagree with the July 12 Times-Tribune editorial “ICE excesses just symptom,” because before Immigration and Customs Enforcement was created in 2003, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the U.S. Customs Service enforced immigration laws.




Message in bottle

Editor: Are you too suffering from ‘Trump derangement syndrome?’

Recent letters to the editor suggest there is an epidemic of this syndrome at the left-wing Times-Tribune.

Several dry martinis at lunchtime may temporarily alleviate the effects of this dastardly disease. On the other hand, maybe too many martinis precipitated the objectionable letters.




Overhaul too costly

Editor: I read The Times-Tribune story in July describing an architectural firm’s estimate that a complete renovation of Scranton City Hall would cost close to $8 million.

Well, the taxpayers of Scranton do not have the money to do that. They are overtaxed as it is. Mayor Bill Courtright and his friends have sold the assets of the city due to poor management and to accommodate pensions and salaries for unionized workers who do not earn it.

Let’s start saving a little at a time. City nonunion employees should take a 30 percent cut in pay for starters and all employees should be city residents.




As seen on TV

Editor: I have observed some annoying flubs on TV lately:

■ A weather channel seems to have never-ending temperature in Nanticoke at 87 degrees.

■ A few channels are so quiet, you need a hearing aid.

■ There seems to be a constant flow of commercials for beauty aids, miracle diets, medications and other questionable self-improvements.

■ There is a constant barrage of scores from soccer, baseball, football and other sports.

■ Horizontal and vertical crawlers cause sore eyes.




Pray for president

Editor: I understand some people do not like President Donald Trump.

Well, he was elected president and people should respect him.

The Book of Exodus in the Bible says, “Thou shalt not revile . . . nor curse the ruler of thy people.”

Also, the Book of Timothy commands us, “Pray for kings and all others who are in authority over us, or are in places of high responsibility so that we can live in peace and quietness.”

Instead of criticizing him, why not pray for him?